Epi proColon®

The first and only FDA-approved blood test for colorectal cancer screening for people who are unwilling or unable to be screened by recommended methods

In the US, 1 in 3, or 23 million eligible people are not screened for colon cancer.

More than 60% of colon cancers are diagnosed as late stage, when the cancer has spread and treatment becomes more challenging.For those people who have a history of not completing screening by guideline recommended methods, there is now a blood test.

Epi proColon® is the first and only FDA approved blood test for colon cancer screening.
Benefits of Epi proColon® include:


  • No pretest preparation
  • No stool handling


  • No dietary or medication restrictions
  • Conveniently available through SelectWell


  • SelectWell® offers scheduled mobile screenings

The Epi proColon test, is an FDA approved screening test for Colon Cancer performed on a blood sample.  The test detects methylated Septin 9 DNA, a differential blood biomarker that is methylated in colorectal cancer.

In clinical trials the Epi proColon test was shown to have the same sensitivity as a colonoscopy
procedure at determining the absence of CRC.

The Epi proColon screen was developed as another choice for patients who are considered at average risk for colon cancer and are either unable or unwilling to undergo a colonoscopy procedure. There is no inconvenient preparation required; all that is needed is a couple of tubes of blood.

The cost for Epi proColon is less than typical out of pocket charges associated with a colonoscopy such as prep kit materials, anesthesia, pathologist review, facility fees and others that insurance either doesn’t cover or requires copay and/or deductible criteria to be met. The cost of the test is also competitive with available at-home testing and avoids the hassle of collecting and mailing a fecal sample.”

Epi proColon is an alternative which may allow the early diagnosis of colon cancer.  Early diagnosis typically results in a positive outcome for the individual as colon cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers when detected early.

Epi proColon is not intended to replace a colonoscopy for screening and diagnosing colorectal cancer “CRC.” A positive test result indicates an increased chance that you may have CRC. You should discuss your test result with your doctor, who should order a colonoscopy to determine if you have CRC.

False positive and false negative results may occur
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